At Simple Meds Online Pharmacy, we are registered with, governed & inspected by a number of organisations in the UK to ensure that we provide the highest quality care to our customers. Our Online Pharmacy is regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), registered with the National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) and has been licenced by the NHS to provide prescriptions online. Simple Meds Online Pharmacy is also regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure we offer the highest level of care to our patients when they buy medicine online.

Simple Meds Online Pharmacy is an online pharmacy operating in the United Kingdom. We provide confidential health consultations and sell over-the-counter and prescription medications across the UK.

They witnessed an online landscape of misleading information and illegitimate products, and knew that something had to change.

What the UK needed was a reliable online platform for essential medication, thorough consultations and expert medical advice. They founded Simple Meds Online Pharmacy to allow people access to all those things, and it’s since stood as a standard-bearer for the healthcare industry.

When you order from Simple Meds Online Pharmacy, you are cared for by only qualified UK pharmacists and doctors. That means no deceptive products, wrong prescriptions, or unreasonable prices. Just a consistent online pharmacy service you can rely on.

Our customer support team is available to ensure that any questions you have are answered via our secure Live Chat, WhatsApp and Email.

Why should you use Simple Meds Online Pharmacy

When you use Simple Meds Online Pharmacy, you bypass the many risks of buying from illegitimate vendors. We’re fully registered with all relevant UK regulatory bodies, ensuring that our pharmacy and doctor services are regularly inspected for compliance, so you get all the safety and reliability of buying from your local pharmacy (with the added convenience or ordering online).
Here are two main reasons to choose us:

  • We’re committed to fighting healthcare stigmas : It wasn’t long ago that talking about mental health was taboo, and there are still many issues that sufferers are afraid or embarrassed to mention. We tackle every condition with even-handed discretion, doing everything we can to help patients feel comfortable and get the support they need.
  • We prioritise patient wellbeing over profit : We only stock safe medicines sourced from the same UK pharmaceutical wholesalers that supply the UK’s high-street chains. You won’t find any dangerous or risky treatments in our range, and we conduct rigorous medical checks before we prescribe anything. And if we don’t stock a treatment that meets your needs, we won’t sell you anything at all.